Leading UK civil liberties organization launches new campaign to ensure justice and transparency in the civil legal system

A leading UK civil liberties organization – Liberty – recently launched a new campaign called “For Their Eyes Only” to oppose UK Government proposals which, according to Liberty, would “deal a fatal blow to justice and transparency in [the UK] civil legal system.” Liberty declares, “If the policy makes it onto the statute book, the Government will be able to throw a cloak of secrecy over litigation to which it is a party by gaining control over what material can be disclosed to the other side and in open court. This will be achieved by making Closed Material Procedure (“CMP”) available in all civil cases.” Read more about Liberty’s campaign here.

Liberty, also known as the National Council for Civil Liberties, was founded in 1934 and acts as a cross party, non-party membership organisation at the heart of the movement for fundamental rights and freedoms in the UK. Liberty campaigns to protect basic rights and freedoms through the courts, in Parliament and in the wider community in the UK, through a combination of public campaigning, test case litigation, parliamentary lobbying, policy analysis and the provision of free advice and information. Find out more here.

Category: Government accountability / L'imputabilité du gouvernement, Liberty and due process / Liberté et droits procéduraux


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