Jason Kenney Endorses Changes to the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

Federal Immigration Minister, Jason Kenney, has endorsed the Saskatchewan government’s recent controversial changes to the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)’s family referral category.

Under the changes, immigrants in Saskatchewan can nominate only family members who have pre-arranged “high skill job offers.” The changes also impose a limit on how many family members a household can nominate – instead of nominating several family members at once, immigrants will be restricted to one nomination at a time, until the nominated family member has held a job in Saskatchewan for at least six months. For more information on SINP, click here.

The Sasktachewan Party’s Advanced Education, Employment and Immigration Minister, Rob Norris, asserts these changes are necessary due to increased demand on the SINP’s family referral category as well as a desire to link nominees to labour market demands.

Protesters gathered outside the provincial legislature in Regina last week in opposition to the changes. Some were concerned about the difficulty their family members would have in finding high skilled jobs while not physically present in the province. Others called for a “grandfather clause” ensuring that those already in Saskatchewan could refer their family members under the old rules.

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4 Responses

  1. avatar KY says:

    The problem with these changes is that they treat family members like commodities instead of mothers, fathers, partners, grandparents, siblings, cousins, and aunts and uncles.

  2. avatar RSS says:

    why the students suffer who studied outside saskatchewan?? Is there any possibility that SINP rules for students category will be reversed??

  3. avatar Anonymous says:

    Pre-arranged “high skill” job offer for SINP, which is an unrealistic and unethical ammendment to the family referal catagory. This ammendment is a copy of United States H1 visa catagory. If thats what the Canadian Federal / Provincial Government wants, then change the name of the program and close the SINP.
    Before the government does that, I think they need to provide an advance notice to the immigrant community in Saskatchewan about the changes or upcoming changes other wise it will be considered as governmental cheating and that type of cheating by the Federal / Provintial Government of Canada unthinkable.

  4. avatar ASM FERDOUS says:

    Great Governmental Cheating. Long live cheaters.


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